D4HNewsDesign4Health 2020: Share your thoughts and wishes online

Design4Health 2020: Share your thoughts and wishes online

The 6th European Design4Health conference would have taken place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands this week. Due to COVID-19 the organising committee had to decide not to proceed with the event in a physical form. However, the proceedings are published on what should have been the opening day of the conference, 1st of July 2020. DesignLab calls everyone devoted to design for health to share their thoughts and wishes online with regard to this year's theme: Designing Future Health.


Sabine Wildevuur, director DesignLab University Twente, Paul Chamberlain, design director of Lab4Living at Sheffield Hallam University, and Claire Craig, health director of Lab4Living were looking forward to see the D4H community in Amsterdam, The Netherlands this year. On behalf of the organising committee, they would like to share some hopeful words and they encourage everyone to stay connected.
The future is now! Watch the video below.

Design4Health 2020: Designing future health

The Design4Health conference invites researchers, creatives, designers and creative practitioners with researchers, clinicians, policy makers and users to discuss, disseminate and test their approaches and methods. For this year's edition, DesignLab University of Twente, the Lab4Living team at Sheffield Hallam University, Waag technology & society, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) joined forces to bring these disciplines together once again and work on the theme Designing Future Health.

Online abstracts

The organisation asked for submissions in 2019 addressing questions like: What will health look like in the future? and: How might current research trends translate into the future for design and health? An astonishing amount of papers was submitted. The papers mark a significant historical moment. A wide variety of topics presented through the papers that describe work about the situation before COVID-19 and some of them refer to the pandemic. Read the proceedings

shaping the new normal

COVID-19 has become a worldwide pandemic. The current situation forces us to rethink how health care is delivered and arguably how we undertake design research for health. The lockdown enables us to reflect on how fragile we are as human beings and reminds us what is really important to us. Health services, businesses, academia are facing huge challenges now and in the future, which means that it is important to think in a creative way how to solve these problems. But we should also make use of the opportunities that lay ahead. 

bringing the community together

Being one of the collaboration partners of DesignHealth, DesignLab University of Twente encourages this transdisciplinary way of working in a digital environment, that enables people from different fields to bring visions together and to create impact by coming up with responsible design solutions for these kind of societal challenges we are facing right now.

Communities like these are crucial to enable committed people to share their research, to keep the conversation going and make a true difference regarding future health. DesignLab invites everyone from students, researchers and creatives to health experts and businesses to share their knowledge, thoughts and wishes for the future of health from different perspectives. Start the collaboration now and simply write down your ideas on post-its in Mural.

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